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H up to 1200mm - view all

  • Astin Bookcase 1 Shelf 800x400x730mm Norwegian Beech KF803927
  • Astin Bookcase 1 Shelf 800x400x816mm Norwegian Beech KF803937
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x1200mm Beech KF810216
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x1200mm Dark Walnut KF810339
  • Jemini Wooden Bookcase 800x450x1200mm Grey Oak KF810346

H over 1200mm - view all

  • Polaris Bookcase 2 Shelf 800x400x1204mm Norwegian Beech KF821006
  • Polaris Bookcase 3 Shelf 800x400x1592mm Norwegian Beech KF821016
  • Polaris Bookcase 4 Shelf 800x400x1980mm Norwegian Beech KF821026
  • Polaris Bookcase 2 Shelf 800x400x1204mm Canadian Oak KF821056
  • Polaris Bookcase 3 Shelf 800x400x1592mm Canadian Oak KF821066

Fitments - view all

  • Jemini Trapezoidal Multipurpose Table 1600x800x730mm White KF79036

Other - view all

  • Avior Executive Bookcase 1005x404x1560mm Dark Walnut KF821946
  • Avior Executive Bookcase 1005x404x1560mm Nova Oak KF821953
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x800mm Ferrera Oak KF822066
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x800mm White KF822073
  • Serrion Premium Bookcase 750x400x1200mm Ferrera Oak KF822097
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