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Clean and Fresh Thick Bleach 750ml 1016011

Concentrated thick bleach. Removes stains and prevents limescale. Combats odours. Kills germs. Leaves areas clean and fresh. 750ml. Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Clover Cream Cleaner 300ml (Lemon fragrance) 431STS

Clover Cream Cleaner 300ml. Contains fine abrasives for a deep clean that is gentle on surfaces. Freshens as it cleans ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Ecover Washing Up Liquid 450ml 1015064

Ecover washing up liquid cleans and degreases efficiently using the power of nature. Plant based ingredients are kind to hands. ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Domestos Thick Bleach 750ml 100879718

Domestos Thick Bleach. Kills all known germs. Concentrated thick liquid. Clings to surfaces for longer contact time. 750ml. Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Fairy Platinum Washing Up Liquid 615ml 4084500900509

Lasts up to 50 percent longer than other brands. Super concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Cuts ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Flash Toilet Cleaner 750ml 5413149006577

Flash Toilet Cleaner 750ml 5413149006577. 4-in-1 gel cleans disinfects deodorises and leaves a fresh perfume. Bottle shaped to make cleaning ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

2Work Antibacterial Daily Use Toilet Cleaner Perfumed 1 Litre 510

2Work Daily Use Perfumed Toilet Cleaner. Contains sulphamic and citrus acids to dissolve limescale and organics. Safe to use on ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Glade Aerosol Spray Pacific Breeze 500ml 688171

Refreshing air freshener. Cool Pacific Breeze scent. Aerosol can for application as necessary. Capacity: 500ml. Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Flash Disinfecting Degreaser Kitchen Spray 750ml 5413149890275

Flash Anti Grease Spray. Cleans greasy surfaces effectively to leave them sparklingly clean and grease free. Size: 750ml. Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

2Work Washing Up Liquid Concentrate Lemon Fragrance 1 Litre 401

2Work Washing-Up Liquid Lemon 1 litre. Concentrate dishwashing detergent with extra cleaning power. Advanced blend of cleaning agents and lemon ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Pine 750ml 314398

Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Pine 750ml 314398. Sanitises toilets and kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. Unique neck shape ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Marine 750ml 314399

Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Marine 750ml 314399. Sanitises toilets and kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. Unique neck shape ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Cif Cream Cleaner Lemon 500ml 1014099

Cif Cream Cleaner. Tough on stains without damaging delicate surfaces. Removes baked on food limescale and stubborn dirt without scratching ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Brillo Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 1 Litre BWU1LTR

Brillo Concentrated Washing Up Liquid 1 Litre. For commercial and industrial use. Comcentrated formula. Lemon fragrance. Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

2Work Acidic Descaling Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre 2W76002

2Work Acidic Toilet Cleaner. Thick formula. Powerful acidic cleaner descales, deodorises and disinfects. Clings to the bowl for effective cleaning ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Flash Professional Cleaner With Bleach 750ml C001850

Flash Professional Cleaner With Bleach 750ml C001850. Spray on, leave for up to a minute and wipe away. Will dissolve ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

2Work Pre-Diluted Washroom Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml 298

2Work Washroom Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml. Suitable for use on all hard surfaces. Cuts through grime and grease with ease ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Flash Clean & Bleach Spray 5413149888999

Flash Clean & Bleach spray will deal with the most ingrained grime. Simple to use: spray on leave for up ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

Febreze Air Effects Freshener Cotton Fresh 300ml 5413149749061

Febreze Cotton Fresh Fabric Spray. Eliminates everyday odours without masking them and leaves a light and subtle scent behind. Size: ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

2Work Disinfectant and Washroom Cleaner Perfumed 1 Litre 898

2Work Perfumed Disinfectant 1 Litre. Effective cleaning suitable for use on all washroom surfaces. Fresh pine fragrance. Thick formula will ... Read more

  £TBC Pack: 1  

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